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Planetary Defense Conference Exercise - 2015

This webpage does not describe a real potential asteroid impact. The information on this page is fictional and provided only to support an emergency response exercise conducted during the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) 2015 Planetary Defense Conference in Frascati, Italy, April 13-17, 2015. This is only an exercise.

The 2015 PDC Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenario

At the 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference (PDC), to be held April 13 - 17, 2015 in Frascati, Italy, a hypothetical asteroid impact scenario will be presented and used as a basis for discussion. NOTE: Although this scenario is realistic in many ways, it is completely fictional and does NOT describe a real potential asteroid impact. The scenario begins as follows:

In a collaboration with The Aerospace Corp., the NEO Program Office has developed an NEO Deflection App which is now available for use. The 2015 PDC trajectory is loaded into the App along with trajectories of several other simulated Earth impactors. The App allows users to apply various amounts of impulsive velocity changes at various times before impact and see the resulting deflection in the impact b-plane. The App can be configured to simulate kinetic impactor trajectories launched by several different launch vehicles; the outputs include the xi and zeta Opik b-plane coordinates of the deflected trajectory. Users are able to design their own deflection missions for the 2015 PDC trajectory and roughly determine the impact point of the deflected trajectory by interpolating in the table of impact circumstances given above.