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Selected reports, papers, and web-page documents referenced within this CNEOS website are provided below.

Name Title Type
Sentry-II Paper A Novel Approach to Asteroid Impact Monitoring paper
Ast. III Paper Asteroid Close Approaches: Analysis and Potential Impact Detection paper
Comet Apparitions Cometary Apparitions: 2005-2040 paper
PDC 2009 Paper Deflecting a Hazardous Near-Earth Object paper
Sentry Paper Quantifying the risk posed by potential Earth impacts paper
Impact Hazard Report Natural Impact Hazard (Asteroid Strike) Interagancy Deliberate Planning Exercise After Action Report report
Gravity Tractor Report Near-Earth Object (NEO) Analysis of Transponder Tracking and Gravity Tractor Performance report
NEO Report 2007 NEO Survey and Deflection Analysis and Alternatives report
LSST Report 2017 Projected Near-Earth Object Discovery Performance of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope report
PHA Workshop Report on Asteroid 2011 AG5 Hazard Assessment and Contingency Planning report
SDT Report 2003 Study to Determine the Feasibility of Extending the Search for Near-Earth Objects to Smaller Limiting Diameters report
SDT Report 2017 Update to Determine the Feasibility of Enhancing the Search and Characterization of NEOs report
2002 AA29 Animations 2002 AA29 Animations webpage
Early (1950 DA) Analyses 29075 (1950 DA) Analyses, 2001-2007 webpage
99942 Apophis (2004 MN4) 99942 Apophis (2004 MN4) webpage