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NEO Missions

The following spacecraft have encountered Near-Earth Objects:

Mission Launch Date Target NEO Comment
ISEE 3/ICE 1978-Aug-12 21P/Giacobini-Zinner Passed through the plasma tail 1985-Sep-11
Vega 1 1984-Dec-15 1P/Halley Flyby within 9000 km on 1986-Mar-06
Vega 2 1984-Dec-21 1P/Halley Flyby of 8000 km on 1986-Mar-09
Sakigake 1985-Jan-07 1P/Halley Flyby at 7 million km on 1986-Mar-11
Giotto 1985-Jul-02 1P/Halley Flew within 600 km on 1986-Mar-14
Suisei 1985-Aug-18 1P/Halley Flyby of 150,000 km on 1986-Mar-08
NEAR-Shoemaker 1996-Feb-17 433 Eros Orbit insertion on 2000-Feb-14, touched down on surface on 2001-Feb-12
Hayabusa 2003-May-09 25143 Itokawa Rendezvous in 2005-Sep, sampled asteroid on 2005-Nov-19, capsule returned to Earth on 2010-Jun-13
Rosetta 2004-Mar-02 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Rendezvous in 2014-Aug, Philae subspacecraft landed 2014-Nov-12, Rosetta touched down on 2016-Sep-29
EPOXI 2005-Jan-12 103P/Hartley 2 Flew by within 700 km on 2010-Nov-04; extended mission for Deep Impact
Hayabusa 2 2014-Dec-03 162173 Ryugu Rendezvous in 2018-July
OSIRIS-REx 2016-Sep-08 101955 Bennu Rendezvous in 2018-Aug