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Title:Deflecting a Hazardous Near-Earth Object
Author(s):D.K. Yeomans, S. Bhaskaran, S.B. Broschart, S.R. Chesley, et al.
Reference:1st IAA Planetary Defense Conference: Protecting Earth from Asteroids
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This short report on Near-Earth Object (NEO) hazard mitigation strategies was developed in response to a request for information by the U.S. National Research Council's Space Sciences Board on December 17, 2008 and for the Planetary Defense Conference that took place 27-30 April 2009 in Granada Spain. Although we present example simulations for specific techniques that could be employed to deflect an Earth threatening NEO, our primary goal is to discuss some of the general principles and techniques that would be germane to all NEO deflection scenarios. This report summarizes work that was carried out in early 2009 and extends an earlier, more detailed study carried out in late 2008.