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Discovery Statistics

Cumulative Totals

The following chart shows the cumulative number of known Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) versus time. Totals are shown for NEAs of all sizes, those NEAs larger than ~140m in size, and those larger than ~1km in size.

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The table below shows the total number of NEOs known at selected dates. The most recent date at the top of the table is generally not the date the table was updated, but rather the discovery date of the most recently discovered NEO.

"PHA-km" and "NEA-km" are PHAs and NEAs with diameters roughly one kilometer and larger. "NEA-140m" are NEAs with diameters roughly 140 meters and larger. "NEC" are Near-Earth comets (fragmented comets, such as 73P, are counted only once for the parent). Other definitions, such as Apollo, are on the NEO groups page.

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